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The MPA TK-5 Technology enterprise provides opportunities for students to develop understandings and skills necessary to function as a 21st century learner and leader for the rest of their lives in a scientific and technological world. Elementary school students learn technology best when they engage with the virtual world with both hands on the keyboard and their eyes on the expansive world of information, communication, and creation that is accessible through school technology such as Chromebooks or iPads. Students will engage in a variety of skills, ranging from basic skills such as keyboarding, computer part identification, and mouse manipulation skills, to College and Career ready tools such as content creation (documents, presentations, spreadsheets, videos, storybooks, etc.), coding, and engaging with others safely with Digital Citizenship skills. In a day and age where technology grows every day, MPA students work together as pioneers in an ever-growing technological world through communication and collaboration in order to solve problems, share ideas, and learn something new every day. As students work together to navigate through the technological world, inquiry skills are modeled by teachers to help students understand how 21st century learners think, what they do, and how they gain more knowledge. Technology Lessons follow CCSS and ISTE standards, and use various curriculums such as Typing Jungle, Digital Passport, Mouse Manipulation, with more curriculums to follow.

MPA-Primary 1st graders participating in their first Hour of Code event.